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October 23, 2002

Why Polls May Skew Conservative

MyDD makes a good case that with so many people refusing to answer polling phone calls, the question becomes how the selective response may skew the results. His answer:

What does seem the case (and this is backed up by the SUSA polling respondents) is that the polls favor the likelihood that conservatives are the ones being polled. Goas states that everywhere that Bush goes, he pops the GOP numbers by 3-4 percent. Is this really the case? Or is it just the case that partisan Republicans are more likely to want to be amongst the .003 of the population that is actually interested in shaping the poll numbers. Consider the freepers, and the time they waste disproportionately influencing online polls.
This last line is kinda compelling-- conservatives have become obsessed with manipulating media polls. While the left complains about polls, they just don't have this obsession, just like they never had the obsession to rant on talk radio.

The happy thought on this is it could mean that close races in the polls will tip to the Dems on election day. Well, we'll see on November 5.

Posted by Nathan at October 23, 2002 09:50 PM

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Be that as it may, the illusion can breed the reality. Individuals eho refuse to respond may not consider that others are doing the same. Republicans know that, that's why the right wing- a committed minority- has such power.

Posted by: D.Ghirlandaio at October 24, 2002 11:59 AM

So, this fall matches the Stupid Party against the Apathetic Party. And the winner will be... ahh, I'm to dumb to care.


Posted by: Tom Maguire at October 25, 2002 12:25 PM

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