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November 01, 2002

Peggy Noonan: Obscenity

Here is the award for the most disgusting fake-praise-of-Wellstone-to-attack-Dems. She actually dares to speak in the dead voice of Wellstone.

How dare these people tell the family of Paul how they were supposed to grieve and celebrate his life? Frankly, if it cost the election (which I don't believe) they had the right to speak of his life in politics and the causes he fought for.

But this is more part of the obscenity of the Right; they put words in the mouth of a dead man that he would never have said.

Joe Conason makes the comparison to conservatives who applauded when Hillary Clinton was booed during the concert to honor the dead in the wake of 9-11. Where were the conservatives bemoaning that?

Check out FreeRepublic showing rightwingers' sensitivity and bipartisanship in the wake of tragedy. See here.

Update: Here is a thread of Freepers trying to explain the difference between the scattered boos GOPers received and the ones Hillary received.

Trent Lott would have been expected to show compassion and sensitivity by showing up to the funeral of a fellow Senator. On the other hand, no one expected Hillary to show up at what would most definately turn into a Patriotic ralley. She was out of place big time.
The hypocrisy of the rightwing has no limits.

Posted by Nathan at November 1, 2002 12:20 AM

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Let me get this straight; the arm-flapping "love me, love me" rhetoric of the "memorialists" WASN'T obscene. The democrats (of which I'm one) have to learn to (1) get over whatever it is that drives their egos; and (2) get lives.

Posted by: Paul Gandola at November 4, 2002 06:04 PM

Egos? These were children and friends of a dead man-- what is obscene is folks giving Siskel and Ebert reviews to a memorial service.

It still just boggles my mind that people are criticizing the emotional statements of the bereived. They had lost their father and friend and not surprising, for a political family, the one solace they could find is the thought that his political work and legacy would be continued.

And if their statements were not properly calibrated for maximum effectiveness in reaching swing voters, well, that wasn't their responsibility. They were in pain and anything they wanted to say that day they had the right to say.

And everyone else, Democrats or Republicans, should shut up about it.

If Coleman wins because of their statements, I'll be sad, but I would never dare to blame the children and friends of Paul for failing to consult their polling consultants on crafting their memorial speeches.

Posted by: Nathan at November 4, 2002 06:14 PM

I was stunned by Peggy Noonan's ghoulish attempt to masquerade as the voice of the late Paul Wellstone. Her article commits the very crime she blames on Democrats, promoting "politics at the expense of the personal." That a Reaganite spinmeister would vilify Democrats cames as no surprise, but it's deplorable for her to pretend her attacks are the words of Wellstone.

If Noonan wants to claim that the lives of Democrats are sick and small and filled with poison, so be it. But it's truly inexcusable for her to pretend that Paul Wellstone, who never said anything so intemperate about Republicans, would direct such viciously partisan remarks against his fellow Democrats.

Posted by: Jack at November 4, 2002 11:03 PM

I've noticed that the negative comment I left on the WSJ comment site has not been put up on the web. I'll mention some of my comments here.

I'm a Democrat (well, mostly -- I've voted Green and for independent candidates at times) and I supported Wellstone in each of his prior campaigns and I would have voted for him again. I admired above all his honesty, forthrightness, and his genuine concern with doing what he believed was truly in the interest of his constituents. He understood well that his job was to be an advocate for his beliefs of what was right and what was wrong, and that it was OUR duty (the citizens) to vote him in or out. This was politics as it should be, not politics by the science of public opinion.

That said, I was disturbed by a couple of things in the memorial. I did feel that some of the rhetoric was simply out of place in the context. I also felt that it should have been a memorial for EVERYONE who died in the crash. Given the manifold stories of Paul Wellstone going out of his way to thank the people who cooked his meals or parked his car, I don't think it would have been improper to give equal time to the flight crew.

Now THAT said, I think the most incredible poor taste and towering arrogance I have ever seen displayed was displayed in Peggy Noonan's commentary. Not only does she arrogate Paul Wellstone's voice, but also presumes the vantage of heaven. She may as well have claimed to be the voice of Allah or Jehova.

So, as much as my Minnesota-Norwegian-Lutheran-self was offended by portions of the memorial, it was sent into orbit by Ms. Noonan's commentary.


Posted by: Michael at November 5, 2002 02:10 AM

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