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November 01, 2002

Where's the Special Prosecutor?

First, Bush's Secretary of the Army is emeshed in the Enron scandal. Then, his SEC chairman is doing the bidding of the accounting industry in blocking nominees for the accounting oversight board. Then, it turns out that new nominee for that accounting board is wrapped up in an accounting scandal of his own.

And how, it turns out Treasury Security Paul O'Neill is part of an investigation of fraud at Lucent Technologies, where he was on the board of directors.

Can anyone honestly believe that these SEC investigations are going to be done honestly, with Bush stacking appointments to pro-corporate lapdog political appointees?

Pitt needs to be fired and a new appointee made at the SEC, with strict vetting by the Senate against corporate influence on the selection.

Posted by Nathan at November 1, 2002 01:55 PM

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No doubt! Goodbye, Pitt.

My guess is that starting the first Friday afternoon after the election (after the Sunday stories have been filed, forcing the story into the low-profile Saturday editions), we will have a Bush economic team mass firing. At a minimum, Pitt will be gone. I'm not sure if Bush will get rid of the Secretary of the Army in the middle of the Iraq preparations, but that could happen, too.

My guess is that it's probably a combination of bad luck for the Bush Administration and the concerted efforts of Democrats that is resulting in the release of this information just before the election. Thank goodness.

Am I a cynic now? It's sad, but undeniable.

Like you say, a great issue for the Democrats now would be to demand a special prosecutor.

Hey Nathan, using Mozilla, this comment window is not resizable, but the textarea is still wider than the window, making for lots of horizontal scrolling. Otherwise, I like the site design.

Posted by: Andrew Hagen at November 1, 2002 10:06 PM

I don't think that Pitt will be fired soon. He's doing his (real) job, delaying real reform. IMHO, his actions have not been laid to rest at Bush's feet yet, by either the Dems in Congress, or the talking heads.

Once that starts to happen, Pitt will 'retire to spend more time with my family, my work here having been done'. He'll go get a sweet consulting job, and get paid for his corruption.

So he shouldn't be deeply worried yet, and can screw things up for a while yet.

Now, if the GOP gets Congress, Pitt could last a long, long time. They certainly won't inquire into his actions. And the Bush administration would be so cocky then, that they wouldn't fire him is he had OBL living in his basement.

OTOH, if the Dems take Congress - Bush has consistently never given up ground. He wouldn't fire Pitt untill he absolutely had to.

Posted by: Barry at November 4, 2002 11:44 AM

Looks like Pitt saw the writing on the wall and decided to preemptively quit right in the middle of the week. Looks like he timed it for election night to get under the news radar, but that failed miserably.

Look for more Bush economics honchos to be gone before too long.

Posted by: Andrew Hagen at November 6, 2002 05:01 PM

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