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July 25, 2002

Greens AWOL on Corporate Crime

Micah Sifry argues in this week's LA Weekly that the Greens are missing their political opportunity to denounce both parties entanglements with corporate supporters. Writing about their national convention in Philadelphia, Sifry notes the Greens inability to connect their critique to current scandals.

Handed the juiciest hunk of red meat they've ever seen in their activist lives, Greens are showing that, despite their recent growth, they remain political vegans...Most Greens, it seems, are too anti-materialist to own mutual funds (or admit that they do), and their anti-corporate fervor is still mainly rooted in environmental concerns rather than more populist lunch-pail worries.
And this is from a supporter of third party politics.

Posted by Nathan at July 25, 2002 10:11 AM

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Banque Internationale du Luxembourg + United Mizrahi Bank + a series of other banks in Canada - USA - Mexico Europe - Israel and Chile... have been used in systematic and endemic fraud to leave me and my family consumed by DEATH THREATS + our canadian children in inanition and deprived of food + clothing + proper education and shelter... in North Vancouver...BC... this is a shame inflicted by corporate fraudulent design and ought to stop. Please help urgently.

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Charles Giuliani used his name to declare US$50 Million cash deposit at BANAMEX and all my documents FRAUDULENT (abusing his uncle's Rudolph's name against my persona to protect barrick and AVOID - CIBC Openheimer - from delivering to me US$750,000 as advance to the US$50 Million invested by me, to place same in DTC. As soon as DTC got wind of my money IT WAS ZAPPED.

With it, 4 Bankers in Guadalajara and Three top Legal department bankers in mexico city were "retired with cheques of US$500,000 and less" that is 7+ years career bankers VANISHED from BANAMEX DF and Guadalajara, to impose the name GIULIANI versus mine against Barrick.

The RCMP has mi file for US$60 Billion mining and cash fraud and we are starving today - honest to GOD.

No food in our fridge and our todler's shoes are too tight to go to kinder, a denied teenager years without Family allowance or bank crdit BY SINISTER ORGANIZED DESIGN. Please help immediately. Thanks.


My credit was intentionally marred 1997 by Medinah Minerals's CEO Les Price, who robbed my financials to avoid me from being "bankable", thus to help ushering in the following financials crimes listed hereunder.

My accounts receivable in short order are greatly significant.

Please assist me now, for we are Gold solid.

Respectfully I herein submit my resons to deserve your


Additional to 200,000 ounces in Gold Certificates from canadian mines with CUSIP = ISIN + Registration numbers ready to hedge or hypothecate, please review hereunder my financials of record.

Jorge R. Lopehandia


For anyone who agrees to assist, these are the basic facts


Legal defense - Big or Small Western Union to North Vancouver - $ help to Law Firm


April 11 2003

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO goldinchile@shaw.ca thanks.

The honourable Mr. Donald W. Doyle Jr. Principal of www.blanchardonline.com , examined the merits of my case.

My name was included in the ammended Law suit against my counterpart in USA at www.savegold.com paragraph 60.

To avoid conflict of interests with Blanchard, I (we) require an independent financial source to sue Barrick, parallel in USA. Canada, UK, Switzerland or simply, to complete our Chile case against Barrick, successful since commenced March 04, 2001 the fourth anniversary of Pascua's contractual theft vy John W. Lill, envoy to Chile of Peter Munk and Randall Oliphant (Ex CFO at the time of the crime - Fired CEO recently by Barrick to COVERUP his Legal trips to Chile.)

So much for Barrick's El Indio promise of Munk, read all about Pascua FRAUD hereunder... never opened and all cash intended and raised institutionally for Chile was VANISHED and used to "replace the hedged / stolen Pascua mine"


Barrick promised multiple times to open Pascua and to expand El Indio belt... WHY did barrick Flee Chile and fired randall Oliphant? after you finish reading my document and enclosures + links provided... you will know for sure... We own the Gold and have been prevented from touching our cash or wealth since 1997 to date.

YET, Barrick with all its might and all its FRAUD, can NOT legally open its "purportedly owned" Pascua Mine.

We know why, intimise yourselves. Relevant questions and timely assistance are welcome.


At the time of the crimes, Barrick DID NOT own our mine yet used its cash raised in the exchanges to buy:

Pierina - Sutton - Tanzania + Homestake + Alto Chicama.... Pascua WAS TO BE, (and ILLEGALLY is today - despite Judicial Judgements to the contrary in 2001 in Chile) "Barrick's largest book asset" by far... a money laundering saga of ABX.

Read the Barrick lies... Reported... Pascua in production by 2000... Pascua had 16 million proven ounces of Gold in 1996...

Where is 2000 - 2003 Gold production - cash or jobs? HEDGED and laundered cash results only, at Banks, shreholders and Investors detriment, ought to be stopped..

This info is "ABX's supressed along with many 4th quarters" at ww.barrick.com learn re: FRAUD @ Pascua 1997-2003 and take special care to visit Financials second quarter page 6 re: US$13 Million paid for 10% of Pascua.... FRAUD release.

Both sides cases , Blanchard and ours, are of extreme merits and feed on each other. Barrick without Pascua's Gold and Silver Resources, had to HEDGE and write DERIVATIVES papers as Blanchard claims and here is the proof, solely based of Barrick's own Reported Financials and the Reported Financials of its criminally caught and on record, "mining peers".

i.e. Leslie Phillip Price - acquired US$100,000 Million in 3 Mining contracts from me in 1996, prior to Pascua's THEFT by Barrick late 1996. Feb 1997 Barrick conducted Plagiarism of our 1996 claims (today impounded by the Judicial as Fully constituted Claims, namely Mensuras called "Tesoros" )Treasures 1997, over our Amarillos (for Gold = Yellow in Spanish) see images below the big yellow piece of Chile's Andes. That is our Pascua and Barrick's crime to Banks & society at large.

We are 99% complete in Chile, all criminal appeals lost by Barrick, all civil appeals lost by Barrick who has lost title of the world's largest mine under Injunction since June 06 200 and has failed to report it to the Financial Establishment.

To that effect, Barrick has tried in a futile manner, to spend Pascua's announced production budget, since 1996 when we claimed Pascua and the OVERPAID for Pierina to Arequipa Resources then PMU until swallowed by DAYTON.

DAYTON in an ASTONISHING Price like and Pascua like maneouvre, BOUGHT PMU from Pierina's - Barrick's allied owner...

and changed DAYTON's name to PMU to mascarade in Chile crimes that left my workers and represented's destitute 1997.

DAYTON "pretended new ownership of my Legally Represented / co-owned properties at Andacollo since 1995 when it hypothecated some of our titles to 5 Banks including Bayerish van Vereins bank and when it was owned by Brian Mac Clay." of course they get easy treatment in comparison to stealing 5 thousand jobs, 7 + Million ounces of Gold, selling illegally our Resource to "another Barrick Group annointed http://www.bcsc.bc.ca/Enforcement/eol/mcclay_brian.asp

Bill Myckattin "the Barrick annointed" played horrific games with Andacollo Gold in complicity with Leslie Price.

Price was caught in a very bad crime with a "bunch of associates that used and abused our names, reputation, properties, shares that were never honoured, cash and worse of it all, the system"....

USA's DOJ has it right, my evidence provided in the Sierra de La Plata theft, is as strong as Barrick's case is strong, 100% undeniable racketeered theft, identical to the planned Andacollo theft. Price has already being caught and with my Chile properties peddled intentionally illegally in the Internet, worldwide. Just like Barrick (to be caught in the rest of the world and DAYTON + Homestake + various other linked offenders).

Andacollo Gold and Churrumata Gold. contain in excess of 7 million ounces as Mining Districts, each. That is a whooping 14 Million ounces that by "hedging 5 million ounces only" we end up with US$1.5 Billion... how come then DAYTON buys PMU... DISSIPATES ANDACOLLO prolific Gold camp and shuts down since 1997 crime wave... to go mining a Gold VEIN under the Jungles of El Salvador as PMU.... a US$7 Million indebted company?????

That is just like Barrick and Medinah and is absolutely reprehensible at Law. It also constitutes Bank FRAUD, illecit association to commit grand theft, money laundering, breach of securities act, breach of trust, Tax evation, for starters.

Medinah in complicity with DAYTON stole several hundred mining claims from my own hands and Associates since 1996-2003, never paid for. Medinah and DAYTON, "conveniently - staged - premeditately closed down our Gold Mill at Churrumata and then bulldozed our facilities at pre-dawn to "usher in Pascua theft few weeks before, March 04, 1997".

Gold Prices went DOWN 1997 drasticly and Barrick "went hedging our Gold"... DAYTON... closed its own 180,000 ounces annually planned producing facilities, (appears to have hedged and papered) drilled reserves with positive production decision that were over 5 million ounces of Gold pre-DAYTON already, when drilled and inferred by Chevron's geologists, as contained Gold ounces 1994 or thereabouts, we have most of the Chevron Andacollo - Indio - Tambo - Laguna Reports.

Bill Myckattin of Gibraltar & then "found my introduced project as head of DAYTON" the same person who personally in various occassions spent time at "length" swallowing my referred mining discoveries and our Andacollo project info when he was at Gibraltar.

Bill Myckattin, the party that as head of DAYTON refused to use my evidence of theft against medinah's Price, Price told me personally that he spoke with Myckatting almost daily. (Both companies were shorted by insiders - like PMU trading patterns - like Barrick's trading patterns)

In 2003 Myckattin as PMU owns DAYTON - disguised as PMU the very company that that was sold to him by Pierina's - Arequipa owner, who sold Pierina to Barrick. DAYTON in the flip however, made a HOUDINNI act with Andacollo's Gold for PMU is a US$7 Million company only. Something is utterly wrong with these corporations overindulgent management.

Neither Barrick, Medinah or Dayton have MINED in Chile, except for mining banks, and bilking and milking the public at large in a racket that left ENRON looking like kindergarden stuff. Where are Andacollo and Churrumata Gold?

Check hereunder for Barrick's Associate Leslie Price CEO of Medinah, accomplice of DAYTON and Barrick in 1997 in Chile at Pascua's and Andacollo's Gold theft.


Please visit www.dayton.com www.medinahminerals.com and www.pmu.com and welcome to internet corporate crime.

Re: why these miners have so suddenly fled all chilean Gold operations? All were linked directly to my persona 1996 to date.

DAYTON illegally "acquired dropped Lawsuits we had against DAYTON, fraudulently acquired without paying by Medinah" Myckattin knew it from me 1998 onwards and ducked to "play with Medinah instead".

DAYTON has forged a FLIP of Andacollo & Churrumata's Gold with PMU in the same OBJECTED at LAw by Chile manner; in which Anglo tried to acquire Disputada de Las Condes from EXXON abroad, evading taxes in Chile.

DAYTON in complicity with indicted Leslie Price of Medinah, ushered in the theft of Andacollo Gold IV Region + Churrumata Gold Projects IV Region purchased for US$75 Million from my Family and Associates by Price (it included by far, over 80% the size of DAYTON Miniing's holdings in the area,

Sierra de La Plata III region purchased by price via "Associates" for US$25 Million including Royalties was a "casualty" as well and Price has "managed over time to remain - connected via the back door - in crime".

Whereas Blanchard can sustain a long legal battle for their meritorious lawsuit, based solely in their financial ability and the truth, our lawsuit (most of it) has been already sustained and won in merits to date, despite the wanton intent of our counterparts to suffocate the criminal process against Barrick et al, from all sides, since 1997 to date

We desrve assistance from those who still uphold values for ethics and humaine treatment of our fellow citizens worldwide.

As a Canadian citizen under LAC vs Corona jurisprudence, all offenders are liable of taking properties that were ours first.

Henceforth, we require funding to complete final steps, for we are into positive sentensing stages now and we need help!.

Our soon to be recovered Asset (one of them), is known as the largest Gold (20+ Million ounces) and Silver (592 Million ounces - 4 times more than Warren Buffet has in the Bank) mine in the world - namely, Pascua Mine in Chile.

Please see all related images for size, location and reserves.

Herein included is a link to the images that will show you the resource.


We also have a second successfula case (our Legal counterpart in this second case affecting 100+ families and over 1000 people & Barrick, are one and the same) with Supreme Court favourable Judgement in our favour, subsequent Arbitration in our favour and US$1 Billion plus in mining assets - real state - gold - copper & silver mines to be recovered as well in the Supreme Court favourable (to us) decision. However, Barrick has stood in the way of the empobrished shooless and educationless children, since 1997 to date, in alliance with Alejandro Moreno Prohens - co-Author of Pascua mine theft.

Please visit. www.barrick.com and check whatever is lef of their intentionally - surgically remover 4th quarter financials.

Both cases are 100% right at Law in our side and are being FINANCIALLY SUFFOCATED by Barrick et al, we need money to complete sentensing (evidence provision a key) to hire experts to receive possession via granted injunction over US$100's millions in equipment at the already Injunctioned US$10Billion + mine, since 2001. (Barrick lies to the Exchanges)

Upon recovery within 90 days, we shall divide & disburse all settlement proceeds amongst the parties involved.

This second law suit assets are immediately adjacent to Sumitomo's and phelp's Dodge's Candelaria Copper Gold mine in Chile, our assets are tied to a Barrick FED $$$$ process, so we DIVERT precious food funds, to EARN Justice.

Meantime, Barrick et al.... circumvent the Law and ethics, by buying press Releases to pretend ownership of our now, Judicially recovered - soon to be repossessed asset.

Please visit: www.phelpsdodge.com under mines, candelaria mine in Tierra Amarilla, Chile, also at www.sumitomomining.com - the rest of our portfolio is within areas held by www.codelco.cl (between El Salvador & El Hueso mines) near and around www.enami.cl III Regions operations. adjacent & near Placer's Cerro Casale & Maricunga Gold District's Operations in III Region Chile as seen at, www.placerdome.com

My case is the world's largest Asset ever recovered successfully via Courts in Chile or the world. Please help me to save USA, Canada, UK, Chile and Gold, with timely pre-settlement Financing.

Thanks for your kindness to consider assisting us in this important endeavour.

Respectfully yours.

Jorge Lopehandia, President and CEO

CMF Canada Ltd.

01-Name: Jorge R. Lopehandia

02-Day_Phone: 604 985 4020

03-Evening_Phone: 986 7915

04-Email: goldinchile@yahoo.ca caughtabx@yahoo.ca jrlopehandia@yahoo.

05-Address: 487 Roslyn Boulevard

06-City: North Vancouver

07-Province: British Columbia

08-Country: Canada

09-Postal Code: V7G1P1

Please visit www.savegold.com re:

We have a large 100% free of litigation Gold - Silver and Copper + other minerals portfolio.

C U R R E N T . L I T I G A T I O N

Please Read the Second Supplemental Amended Complaint - Filed February 19, 2003

In order to save gold, a lawsuit was filed by Blanchard and Company, Inc., the largest retail dealer in physical gold in the United States, and by Blanchard clients who bought gold bullion. The suit asks the Federal Court to terminate the trading agreements between Barrick and J.P. Morgan Chase and other, as yet unnamed, bullion banks. Blanchard believes its clients suffered substantial losses as a result of Barrick's and J.P. Morgan Chase's unlawful price manipulation, anti-trust violations and unfair trade practices.


I will provide further info upon receipt of written Funding Commitment subject to, from a bonafide Funder/Lender/Investor/Helping Institution or Law Firm. If we match, we will succeed.

A somewhat relevantly linked chronology of crimes events, can be found herein:

We deserve a financial hand, to recover our assets, assisted by the Law Enforcement Agencies.


Jorge Lopehandia

Posted by: Jorge Lopehandia at April 15, 2003 03:27 PM

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