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November 05, 2002

Instapundit Ignorant on Broadband Politics

I have to say, whenever I see Instapundit make a pronouncement on something I know well, he is usually about as uninformed as humanly possible. Take this post discussing Mondale's likely political position on technology and broadband policy.

Instapundit quotes Lileks to the effect that Mondale is likely to hook up with Fritz Hollings on such technology issues.

Yet the most basic fact about Mondale is that he is pro-labor through and through, and labor unions are opposing Hollings whole approach on broadband policy. Unions like the Communication Workers of America are opposing Hollings bill in favor of the rival Tauzin-Dingell Bill. In fact, unions have repeatedly clashed with Hollings on technology issues. Unions supported the merger of Voicestream with the generally pro-labor Deutshe Telekom, while Hollings was one of the fiercest opponents The labor-backed Economic Policy Institute has criticized the competition model favored by Hollings, instead favoring the more open Tauzin-Dingell approach favoring pro-union Baby Bell incumbents.

Given Mondale's history, the idea that he would side against the unions with Hollings on such issues is laughable.

And Instapundit is laughable for knowing so little that he would argue otherwise.

Posted by Nathan at November 5, 2002 12:50 PM

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