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November 09, 2002

Freepers Hail Georgia Party Turncoats

Remember how the rightwing thought that Jeffords leaving his party was a scandal, despite many predessors doing so over to the GOP side, because it handed power to the opposing party after an election?

Well, three Georgia Democrats just defected to the GOP, handing control of the state Senate to the GOP.

And rightwing freepers now are hailing the party switchers.

The right's hypocrisy just has no bounds.

I think most people have a balanced position on the issue of such party switching; it's a bit unseemly but no one will turn down a defector when real policy issues are at stake in control of government.

But the genius of the rightwing is to act so self-righteously when opponents engage in partisanship -- blocking judges, switching parties, a heartfelt goodbye to Wellstone -- but then shamelessly celebrate their own power dealings of the exact same character.

I know many honest conservatives who believe in the principles of their argument, but the truly psychotic part of GOP politics today is this total lack of self-consciousness and absolute hypocrisy.

Posted by Nathan at November 9, 2002 08:42 AM

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Three Dems cross the aisle at once.....THREE! The ship is sinking badly. Expect a flood more of defections if the Pelosi cell takes over the Dem Party. This is depressing.

Posted by: outback at November 13, 2002 01:28 PM

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