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January 08, 2003

Genoa Police Admit Framing Global Justice Protesters

*** Read this BBC News article.

Genoa was the summer 2001 center of global justice protest where one protester was killed by police and other completely nonviolent protesters had their headquarters raided by police-- a bloody action by the police that left 72 of them with injuries.

And it turns out that, as alleged by protesters at the time, the so-called evidence of planned violence by protesters was manufactured by the police to justify THEIR bloody violence against the protesters:

At the centre of the inquiry is a police raid on a school being used as a dormitory by anti-globalisation demonstrators, in which dozens of people were injured.

A senior officer, Pietro Troiani, reportedly admitted under questioning that two petrol bombs allegedly found at the school were planted by police to justify the raid...

At least 77 police officers have been under investigation for alleged brutality, and three police chiefs have been moved to other jobs.

Demonstrators said riot police beat them with clubs, smashed windows and wrecked computers in the raid.

The BBC's Bill Hayton was among those who stood outside the Diaz school, hearing the screams coming from within, then watching bodies brought out on stretchers.

When the police left he went in and saw blood on the walls, floors and radiators of an upstairs room...

Attention is also focusing on a knife attack on one police officer, Massimo Nucera.

A senior police chief, Franco Gratteri, head of the Central Operations Services, is quoted as saying that the stabbing was not carried out by protesters, but was simulated.

Mr Gratteri says the "attack" could have been aimed at justifying the excessive use of violence used by some flying squads.

In a new age of accusations of "terrorism", it's worth remembering that opportunistic police and their political overseers have and will use legitimate fears of the population to frame and even inflict physical harm on political dissenters.

Posted by Nathan at January 8, 2003 12:00 PM

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We has similar happen in Barcelona, with many of my journalist colleagues watching, disguised police got out of police vans and walked into the crowds, and then began "fighting" with other demonstrators and police, which then "provoked" the police to move in and stop the disturbances. This sort of thing is used quite a bit here in Spain, I've even seen it done in Sevilla at the EU summit last June.

Posted by: jesus gil at January 9, 2003 06:39 AM

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