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January 17, 2003

Blogging Around

Atrios highlights an LA Times article where a white member of California's GOP Central Committee trashes the highest-ranking African American member for complaining about the GOP's outreach to blacks. He also endorsed an old article by a fellow GOP committeemen discussing the upside to the Confederates winning the Civil War.

Body and Soul has posted Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1967 speech where he came out publicly against the Vietnam War, nicely annotating it for modern day parallels of antiwar organizing on Iraq.

CalPundit has a couple of posts on the dangers of datamining and why its so valuable to corporate America.

Sam Heldman has cogent analysis of why affirmative action is not about "merit" debates but about fair access to public university resources.

Whipsaw notes that Eugene Scalia (the Supremos son) has "quiet as a mouse" slunk out of town, partly because of protest of Bush's unprincipled relationship with the Carpenter's Doug McCarron but partly because of his more general unpopularity.

Maxspeak argues that the whole Lott takedown was misplaced, since "Lott is gone, politically speaking, but the spirit of the Southern Strategy lives on."

TalkLeft has updates on the terror trials and tensions between the military and the Justice Department over testimony by witnesses in the "care" of the military.

Avedon Carol wonders how much we should blame the lies of the Bush administration and how much regular Americans for a poll showing they think 911 bombers came from Iraq.

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