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January 23, 2003

Thank God for White House Arrogance

The Bush White House seems dedicated to alienating as much of the world as possible.

Responding to the German-France agreement to give the inspectors in Iraq time, Donald Rumsfeld dismissed them as essentially irrelevant "Old Europe."

Not necessarily a good idea where one holds a veto on the Security Council and the other is one of the current members.

And they are pissed now:

Finance Minister Francis Mer said he was "profoundly vexed" by the remarks.

"If you knew what I feel like telling him, to Mr. Rumsfeld ... " said Ecology Minister Roselyne Bachelot on Europe-1 radio. She then stopped herself and said the word would be too offensive to publish.

Martine Aubry, a Socialist leader and influential former labor minister, said Rumsfeld's comments "show once again a certain arrogance of the United States."

Washington "continues to want to alone govern the world and more and more without rules," she told RTL radio.

It just seems like this White House is doing everything to sabotague their own campaign with their impatience.

With this arrogance, with this bloodlust, so evident with this administration, the global protests that will explode in reaction when the first pictures of civilian deaths are broadcast from Iraq will overwhelm the imagination.

Maybe this White House is so detached from reality that they can't recognize this, but hopefully the accumulation of protest at home and resistance abroad will force them to back off from their plans in the end.

Posted by Nathan at January 23, 2003 07:53 AM

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