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January 23, 2003

An Honest Conservative

Okay, this is singling out one crazy rightwinger over at Freerepublic.com but it's too perfect not to share. In a comment discussing the whole Bush "Boxgate" flap over "made in China" boxes, one Freeper argues:

OTOH, why not talk about "nice" things about China? For example:

1. No ACLU there.
2. No "Three Strikes". They have "Zero Strikes".
3. No Mexican illegal immigration problems.
4. No affirmative action problems.
5. No slave reparation problems.
6. No anti-death penalty activists.
7. No peace marchers.
8. No multicultural problems
9. No NAACP, NOW, PETA, or those gay/AIDS organizations
10. No Hollywood
11. No anti-military demonstrators
12. No hassles if you want to play Dixie and fly the Confederate Battle Flag at the same time

If you are a true right-winger, you would like China!

A lot of truth in that last statement, as China is building a country safe for capitalism but not for labor protests, safe for selling music but not dissent, and a criminal justice system wildly enthusiastic for the death penalty. It's a freeperland holiday spa!

Posted by Nathan at January 23, 2003 09:21 AM

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