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January 28, 2003

Even Schwarzkopf Doesn't Buy It

No one in the world wants this war, and the only folks supporting it seems to be those currying favor with Bush for other reasons-- foreign aid, outflanking competing allies, or every reason other than that this war makes sense.

When Norman Schwarzkopf says he doesn't buy the reasons for war this time, how can anyone take rushing to war as anything other than a cynical cowboy moves. Some choice bits from the general:

And before I can just stand up and say, 'Beyond a shadow of a doubt, we need to invade Iraq,' I guess I would like to have better information."

I think it is very important for us to wait and see what the inspectors come up with, and hopefully they come up with something conclusive.

Candidly, I have gotten somewhat nervous at some of the pronouncements Rumsfeld has made..He almost sometimes seems to be enjoying it. When he makes his comments, it appears that he disregards the Army. He gives the perception when he's on TV that he is the guy driving the train and everybody else better fall in line behind him -- or else.

Let's face it: There are guys at the Pentagon who have been involved in operational planning for their entire lives, okay? . . . And for this wisdom, acquired during many operations, wars, schools, for that just to be ignored, and in its place have somebody who doesn't have any of that training, is of concern.

The comments about Rumsfeld and the whole disregard of the internal military strategy centers says worlds about what's going on here. I would never argue for civilian subordination to military wisdom, but when you are sending people to die AND YOU DON'T HAVE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE RISKING IT, you sure as hell better listen to them, even if you don't follow every word of advice.

This is not a battle between the military and the peace movement. This is a battle between a bunch of politicized chickenhawks versus everyone else.

Posted by Nathan at January 28, 2003 09:57 AM

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