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February 01, 2003

Bush to Destroy Medicaid

This is the big one-- the block granting of Medicaid. When Clinton vetoed the Republican budgets back in 1995, shutting down the government, it was plans to kill guaranteed health care for the poor that was one of the prime issues at stake.

Now Bush has revived plans to end mandated benefits for the poor. The plan keeps a few mandates for the poorest adults on welfare, but most other poor people currently receiving benefits would be left at the mercy of state budgets. And the fact that those are in crisis and state governments will no doubt further kill benefits for the poor has not escaped the administration.

$670 billion in tax cuts for the wealthy.

Slashes in health care benefits for the poor.

This is Class Warfare.

The Bush administration proposed fundamental changes in Medicaid today that would give states vast new power to reduce, eliminate or increase benefits for millions of low-income people, including many who are elderly or disabled.

Posted by Nathan at February 1, 2003 08:48 AM

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