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February 13, 2003

The DLC, Not Sharpton is Danger for Dems

Rightwing columnist Robert Novak has breathlessly warned the Democrats (being the friend of progressivism that he is) that Democrats are recognizing Sharpton as their worst nightmare.

And what is this nightmare? That Sharpton will do well in a number of primaries, especially those in the South with large black populations. Oh yeah, and that he is an articulate spokesperson for progressive values and standing up for the black community.

Yes, he could act as a spoiler for the party if he criticizes the mainstream candidates, but then we already have that problem in the form of the Democratic Leadership Council, which goes out of its way to insult core supporters of progressivism at every turn. Here is a "respected" supposedly Democratic organization that promotes social security and Medicare privatization, the war on Iraq, attacks on the global justice movement and otherwise siding with corporate funders (the DLC's bankrollers) against many Democratic values.

Sharpton will not win the Democratic primary, but may demand respect for his ideas and the black community in exchange for his full support for whoever does win the primary. That is a far more acceptable price to me than the catering to corprorate interests demanded by the DLC. That is a far greater nightmare for Democratic progressives.

Posted by Nathan at February 13, 2003 07:50 AM

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