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February 12, 2003

More Race-Baiting Over Estrada

Well here is the New York Post with a headlined editorial Dixiecrats Redux.

You know, if Estrada is such a slamdunk qualified guy, why do his supporters have to keep resorting to race-baiting to defend him?

Why don't they quote brilliant passages from his legal writings or positively promote his legal philosophy?

Oh yeah, because he doesn't have any available writing and he refuses to answer questions on what his legal philosophy is.

Let's be real. Judges interpret the law and the Constitution. Those are political acts, which is why judges are confirmed by political bodies.

And I don't vote for politicians who don't say what they believe and judges shouldn't be confirmed if we don't know what they believe.

Republicans are free to push through judges with rightwing beliefs, if they have the votes, just as Democrats were free to stack the courts with New Dealers when they had uncontested control.

But the GOP should have the courage of their convictions and admit what the philosophy of the people they want to pack the courts with.

If Estrada wants on the courts, he should proudly state his beliefs. And if those beliefs are so horrific that even moderate Republicans will run from them if stated publicly, then the Democrats are serving democracy by refusing a vote until Estrada's views are made clear.

Posted by Nathan at February 12, 2003 08:21 AM

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