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February 21, 2003

The World Versus Bush

In all the rigamarole over "New Europe" versus "Old Europe" divisions on Iraq, what is lost is what a tiny number of people are governed by the former East Bloc and other Bush allies who support war in Iraq.

Those leaders, governing at most 200 million people are pitted against a whole world that is coming out against the war. Russia and China are the most obvious, but the 52 nations of Africa have signed up with France against Bush:

"There is an alternative to war," the representatives of the 52 African nations at the summit said in a joint statement that echoed France's views.

Three of the countries -- Guinea, Cameroon and Angola -- are temporary members on the 15-nation U.N. Security Council and their votes in any U.N. resolution on the Iraqi crisis could prove decisive.

Latin American countries have come out against any action not authorized by the UN. India has said no force should be allowed outside the United Nations and that the country opposed war. And the even larger number of nations, including India, in the "Non-Aligned Movement" are debating a toughly worded resolution opposing the US war on Iraq.

Bush has support for his war from countries encompassing less than 10% of the worlds population. And most of the populations of even allied countries are protesting his war.

So forget the opposition of "Old Europe" to the war. The media should be paying attention to the non-white countries around the world who are opposing the war.

At least the American people are paying attention. In polls, they recognize that most of the world has no respect for Bush:

Do World Leaders Have Respect for George W. Bush? (Gallup)

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