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March 05, 2003

Are They Insane? No Drugs Then.

Oregon has a great budget-saving plan:

In a state that says it is already so short of public money it does not have enough to keep all the schools open and prosecute many criminals, Oregon took another drastic step this week to cover budget shortfalls: it cut off medications to thousands of schizophrenics, manic-depressives, drug addicts and others who are poor and have no health care.
Sure, no money for jails and prisons, so just cut off the drug rehab money and take the schizophrenics off their meds.

That'll work.

Frankly, it looks like someone already cutoff the meds for the state government officials who crafted this plan. It's insane even from a budgetary viewpoint, given the increased costs likely to be generated on the criminal system.

Posted by Nathan at March 5, 2003 06:54 AM

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Is it insane? Or just crazy like a fox? Maybe these recent headlines (I'm including the school cutback) are exactly what is needed to shock the Moron-Americans into some semblance of rational thought.

Posted by: doesn't matter at March 5, 2003 01:28 PM

I've lived in Oregon for about 30 of the last 40 years, and I can't believe how bad it is. Everyone hopes that people will wise up at the last minute, but I have no confidence that the will. Oregon's public schools, which were excellent ten years ago and are still pretty good, will take an enormous hit. (This year's budget postpones the problem to next year, when it will be worse).

Recently the Newhouse-chain Oregon ran an article explaining that things weren't relly so bad in Mississippi(really!). And it turned out this morning that the chairman of the Senate education committee (from the Christian right) has been telling people for some time to get their kids out of the public schools.

I have never met an anti-tax fanatic who had changed his mind. Many of them actually don't care about the issues, they just count the money that they'll save.

Posted by: zizka at March 6, 2003 11:36 PM

I also live in OR and a best friend works in mental health. Another has been building prisons. The latter's the only place with the bedspace, so of course they'll fill with the ill.

But politicians have always been harshest on those least likely to vote.

Since the Reagan era, Oregon has fallen into the abyss and only its health plan has been the one progressive exception. And the tax aversion, particularly in rural Oregon, and to the greatest advantage of big timber corporations, will soon dismantle that.

Posted by: Cowboy Kahlil at March 7, 2003 07:23 AM

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