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March 20, 2003

Indonesia: Convene General Assembly

A declaration from the Indonesian President that US actions violate international law:

"Indonesia regrets that the multilateral process through the United Nations has been abandoned. Indonesia is of the opinion that the use of military action against Iraq is an act of aggression which is against international law," Megawati asserted in a radio address after a cabinet meeting.
Even more significant is her invocation of the General Assembly's right to convene when the Security Council is at an impasse under the Uniting for Peace doctrine:
The president urged the United Nations Security Council to hold an emergency meeting to try to halt the war. If it failed, "then Indonesia urges the General Assembly of the United Nations to hold an emergency assembly in the framework of the resolution of united action for peace," she said.
As the Center for Constitutional Rights outlines, under UN Resolution 377, the General Assembly can take on a role to end conflict:
That procedure, the Uniting for Peace resolution, allows the General Assembly to meet to consider the threat to international peace and it can then recommend collective measures to U.N. Members to maintain or restore peace.
The US will no doubt at this point ignore the General Assembly in the conduct of the war, but we need firm international resolutions to condemn the US unilateral abandonment of diplomacy and affirm the right of Iraqis to control their own destiny and their own resources.

Greenpeace is doing a lot of global lobbying on this issue. Go here to write a letter to your UN ambassador and here to send an email to friends letting them know how they can support this global mobilization for UN General Assembly action. (Servers are overloaded so be patient).

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