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April 01, 2003

Levity in a time of War

And many more here.

Update: Well maybe not- the site may have been hit with so much traffic that it got overloaded. I'll leave the link up in hopes that it returns, since it had lots of the best cartoons and satirical sendups of Bush and the war.

Posted by Nathan at April 1, 2003 12:28 PM

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Looks good to me.

Posted by: Joan at April 1, 2003 03:07 PM


Posted by: John Isbell at April 1, 2003 05:34 PM

That's hilarious. I support the war (as long as there aren't too many incidents of shooting up vanfuls of women and children), but Bush and Cheney are definitely draft dodging hypocrites.

Posted by: Alan at April 1, 2003 09:18 PM

The sequel: George Bush and Dick Cheney starring in Full Dinner Jacket.

Posted by: markg at April 1, 2003 11:49 PM

THat link promising "many more here" doesn't seem to work.

Posted by: Barry Freed at April 2, 2003 01:20 AM

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