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April 15, 2003

Budgets of Mass Destruction

A bomb went off in New York City today and the casualties will be children and families throughout the city.

In what Mayor Bloomberg himself described as a "doomsday budget", the budget includes laying off 10,000 city employees, touching almost every city agency including the fire department, which could see up to 40 firehouses shut down.

Yep-- even as firehouses are recovering from devastating losses from 911, they will see even more cuts in employee numbers.

Is there any sanity in a "war on terrorism" where those needed in any future terrorist attack are being laid off because the federal government thinks tax cuts for the wealthy are more important than funding the basic infrastructure of response?

On the social front, the budget will eliminate all city-funded after-school programs, lay off over a thousand sanitation workers and canceling summer school programs for students who need help but are not failing in school.

The national debate is insane, arguing over $550 billion or $350 billion in tax cuts.

They should cancel the whole thing and send it to state governments to cover deficits in funding for our police, firehouses, schools, and social services.

And that would be a real stimulus, since the money would go directly into job creation throughout the country. A dividend tax cut might easily go directly to gold futures in Switzerland-- a really lousy way to help out a stumbling economy.

Posted by Nathan at April 15, 2003 07:11 PM

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