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July 17, 2003

Crazy and Arrogant McAuliffe

This is crazy:

The chairman of the Democratic National Committee vowed Thursday that no Democrat will run to replace Gov. Gray Davis if the recall drive reaches the ballot.

"I want the folks here in California to know that we are not going to have another Democrat on the ballot. I think that is the single biggest message I can give today," Terry McAuliffe told a downtown news conference.

This recall effort may be a rightwing plot, but gambling with the lives of the poor in California is f----- irresponsible. Gray Davis has repeatedly screwed his own base -- vetoing pro-immigrant legislation, vetoing pro-labor legislation, vetoing health care bills -- to the point that there is either apathy or antipathy towards him.

Davis is just not that important. Folks should campaign against the recall, but the Dems should have an alternative on the ballot as a backup.

And if the Democratic establishment won't run someone, progressive Dems should take the opportunity and put someone on the ballot. There are great progressive Congresspeople in the state -- Barbara Lee, Pete Stark, Bob Filner, Maxine Waters -- who should run if the mainstream folks sit it out.

Otherwise, the Dems are shooting themselves in the foot, since that will leave my old friend Peter Camejo of the Greens as the only progressive alternative on the ballot.

If the California Dems want to open a wedge to really legitimize the Greens in California, just in time to pick off a large chunk of votes in 2004, go with this stupid and suicidal strategy.

Davis could well be history. The economy sucks and he may take the fall for it. And since few people will really care, he'll deserve his fate.

But don't make the people of California pay for his idiocy.

Posted by Nathan at July 17, 2003 06:28 PM