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July 18, 2003

Bush- Sinking in Polls

I haven't been quoting polls too much recently, since they are so fuzzy with the noise of war support and such, but this Zogby poll is a bit of a watershed. First, base job approval fallen and disapproval hit significant heights (46% disapproval):

More significantly, for the first time since 911, more people say Bush should be dumped than think he should be reelected. 46% of people say Bush deserves reelection, while 47% think it's time for someone new.

With Bush's personal popularity slipping as well, this is the comment of pollster John Zogby:

"What has been propping up the President in the past few months is his personal favorability rating. To me, what is most ominous is this alone has slipped 9 points in the past month. If he cannot count on a large majority of Americans to like him personally, this could spell doom for his re-election hopes because he has little support for his overall performance and how he is rated on the issues."
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Posted by Nathan at July 18, 2003 06:06 PM