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July 20, 2003

Rightwing Censorship Amok

The Los Angeles Times published this cartoon yesterday:

The cartoonist is a conservative and the message is about Bush's supposed victimization at the hands of politics, but over at FreeRepublic, the rabid censors took one look at it and the fact is was at the LA Times and began a discussion where people were trying to trump each other on censoring the papter. Some comments:

Bastards! The Los Angeles Times should be shut down!

The secret service should padlock the LATIMES and jail all the people that work in and own this slimy commie rag.

The first amendment does not include threats and or harrassment. Shut it down with a boycott!

when the LA Times gets burned to the ground no one will wonder why

Only after the endless line of censorship comments had gone for a while did a participant point out:

Based on the reactions I have seen here and in a few duplicate threads, there are many, many dolts here. It took me a while to figure out Ramirez' message (it helps that I know he is a very strong conservative -- probably the only one at the LAT).

It is a little frightening just how stupid and knee-jerking some of our fellow FReepers are.

It's kind of sick that the Freepers worship Ann Coulter and her recent ode to McCarthyism, but the very fact that they rushed to call for censorship of a fellow conservative because they were too stupid to even think about what he meant-- well, that is about the best case for free speech possible. It's not just that everyone deserves the right to speak, but a lot of folks are too lazy to even make sure they are shutting down speech they actually disagree with.

Posted by Nathan at July 20, 2003 08:45 PM