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August 20, 2003

Dean's Pro-Labor Promises

I finally watched Dean's performance at the AFL-CIO Exec Council and I was duly impressed. His proposals for labor law reform were passionate and, more importantly, specific. Just like his web page which goes into incredible detail of massive reform of our labor laws, including requiring card check recognition, banning "captive audience" meetings with workers and giving union rights to supervisors, agricultural workers and independent contractors now without protection.

This is far more detail than JohnKerry, John Edwards (who doesn't even mention card check), Bob Graham (who doesn't even mention workers rights), and Joe Lieberman (little new reform proposed).

And while Gephardt probably supports everything Dean promotes on his web site, Gephardt. actually talks less about specific new labor law reform on his site. Kucinich falls in the same camp, although he has some interesting additional reform ideas like repealing Presidential power to shut down strikes. Sharpton's site is light on details as is Carol Moseley Braun.

Which all surprisingly leaves Dean with the most extensive labor law reform proposals in the campaign. Friends in some national unions tell me Dean is making serious inroads there, so this is all significant for his campaign.

Posted by Nathan at August 20, 2003 11:38 AM