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September 06, 2003

Zogby- Public Against Bush Reelection

The most recent Zogby poll shows just 40% of the public saying Bush deserves reelection with 52% saying it's time for someone new. So Bush's reelection is looking less and less likely.

But you didn't have to wait for Zogby to tell you that, you could have read my blog here and here back in July 2002.

Oh and long before the conventional wisdom settled on Bush's problems with the trust issue, I noted he would lose the Presidency because of his pervasive dishonesty:

the bottom line is that Bush is a Political Liar and that is what kills candidates. He made too many cynical promises in 2000 with his "compassionate conservatism" talk that he had no intention of fulfilling--- and the voters will punish him for that as that becomes clearer. He has no intention (or money), despite promises, for really dealing with the health care crisis, decent funding for schools, or for maintaining social security stability. And despite nice rhetoric, he has been running a regulatory policy that is in many ways more anti-environment and anti-labor than Reagan.
So anyone still want to take bets on Bush's reelection?

Posted by Nathan at September 6, 2003 06:27 PM