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November 18, 2003

Seniors: Join Alliance for Retired Americans

For those unhappy with the AARP, there is a better alternative, the Alliance for Retired Americans, which is an AFL-CIO affiliated seniors group, but which non-union seniors can join for $10 by going here.

The Mission Statement of ARA

The mission of the Alliance for Retired Americans is to ensure social and economic justice and full civil rights for all citizens so that they may enjoy lives of dignity, personal and family fulfillment and security. The Alliance believes that all older and retired persons have a responsibility to strive to create a society which incorporates these goals and rights; and that retirement provides them with opportunities to pursue new and expanded activities with their unions, civic organizations, and their communities.
So for all those pissed with the compromise, channel it into promoting strengthening the ARA as the voice of seniors in this country.

Posted by Nathan at November 18, 2003 11:02 AM