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November 18, 2003

Anti-Trust Violation in Grocery Strike?

The grocery chains may be facing an anti-trust lawsuit from locked out union workers, since it turns out they may have executed a secret agreement to share revenue.

So first the companies conspire to lockout the workers (remember the only store where the workers walked out was Vons), and then executed this agreement. See this story:

Three major supermarket chains agreed to share revenue generated during the grocery clerks strike, appearing to neutralize the union's move to pull picket lines from one company's stores and target the other two, it was reported Saturday.

The three chains involved in the five-week labor dispute made a secret, pre-strike pact that will funnel extra income from Ralphs, where clerks are no longer picketing, to the Vons and Albertsons chains, the Los Angeles Business Journal reported in its issue dated Nov. 17.

I don't know the labor and antitrust law in this area, but the secrecy of the agrement definitely stinks to high heaven. As I said a while ago, when people talk about "class warfare", you need to understand that it starts with employers.

Thanks to Politics in the Zeros for the tip on the story.

Posted by Nathan at November 18, 2003 10:22 AM