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November 21, 2003

Bill Richardson: Vice President?

Bill Richardson, New Mexico governor, former Energy Secretary and former negotiator with North Korea, held a "Love-In" with Howard Dean. (slow link)

As chair of the Democratic National Convention, Richardson can't endorse anyone, but how's this for a "non-endorsement":

"Gov. Dean has an impressive array of endorsements from New Mexico from Hispanic and Native American leaders," Richardson said. "Literally, my organization's endorsed him."
So, Richardson doesn't endorse Dean, but everyone who supports him in office does. Fair minded neutrality, yep :)

I've long thought Richardson was on the shortest of short lists for VP possibilities. He is the most prominent Hispanic elected leader in the courty, would bring a southwest regional heft to the ticket, and has the foreign policy cred needed-- what other Democrat has Bush called on to bail him out, as he did when he asked Richardson to help with negotiations with North Korea?

If you had to bet, Clark, Graham and Richardson are the most likely candidates for the second spot.

Posted by Nathan at November 21, 2003 08:29 AM