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November 21, 2003

AARP's Bogus Poll of Members

Well, I've defended AARP's right to make what I see as a bad strategic decision in supporting the GOP prescription drug plan, but I can't defend this biased push poll which they used to survey member "support" for the bill. They claim that 75% of AARP members, after being read a description of the plan, supported the current bill.

Reading the poll, the only shock is that 25% were opposed, since the poll question is so biased. It's set up with plenty of positive buzz words- "the plan is voluntary"; "For seniors with low incomes, there is additional help"; the "bill closes legal loopholes" and "includes incentives for employers."

Nowhere are any of the criticisms of the plan offered to see if members agree with them, as any decent poll would.

Even with this skewed questioning, the surprising fact is only 30% of AARP members thought the plan would benefit them.

This kind of poll will just embarass them when real polls of their members are done.

Posted by Nathan at November 21, 2003 01:22 PM