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February 16, 2004

Bush Cuts Homeland Security for Cities

More Bush lies-- he says he cares about security, but when it comes to the local communities that need to deal with any real threats, he slashes their budgets:

The National League of Cities views a range of Bush-backed cuts with alarm, starting with homeland-security shifts that would cut deeply into federal aid for frontline first-responders local firefighters and police even while the administration claims homeland security is one of its priorities.

Cities fear that Bush cutbacks will cause Section 8 housing vouchers to reach 250,000 fewer families next year. On the education front, they note the Bush budget increases No Child Left Behind funding by $1 billion, to $13 billion but still falls $7 billion short of the promised federal contribution.

And so goes the pattern a bite here, a nip there, and lots of programs scheduled for block-granting, which the cities fear is just a prelude to collapsed federal assistance.

Bush balances the budget on the backs of everyone-- except his rich corporate friends.

Posted by Nathan at February 16, 2004 01:41 PM