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February 24, 2004

Are Teachers Unions "Terrorists"?

When Bush's Secretary of Education called teh National Education Association a "terrorist organization", he apologized later that this was a poor choice of words.

Actually, the words were perfect, reflecting in an extreme way the manner in which the administration has labelled everyone who criticizes the President as treasonous, unpatriotic or allies of terrorists.

So why not just follow the logic and label them all terrorists, declare them enemy combatants, and lock them up without trial?

This was not a slip of the tongue but a reflection of a mindset in a White House that sees all opposition as treason, all criticism as terrorism. And it's an administration armed with a Patriot Act which has allowed them to infiltrate opposition political groups to spy and undermine that opposition.

This is a very scary group of people. Don't them let brush this language aside. Either terrorism is the most deadly threat we face, which means that no one would casually use hyperbole using the phrase and the domestic opposition is in great danger, or the administration is completely cynical on the issue and are manipulating the issue for political gain.

Take your pick.

Posted by Nathan at February 24, 2004 07:44 AM