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March 27, 2004

Kerry Dares GOP to Indict Clarke

The Rightwing Attack Machine is trying to destroy Clarke's credibility. They are saying he's a liar.

Problem with that line of attack is that if he lied, he did it under oath, and that's a federal crime. And they control the Justice Department.

So, as they say, Bring It On.

Kerry has now launched the counterattack in defense of Clarke by making this simple point:

"My challenge to the Bush administration would be, if (Clarke) is not believable and they have reason to show it, then prosecute him for perjury because he is under oath, Kerry told CBS's MarketWatch
And if they don't indict him, that just shows their rhetoric is itself a lie. Clarke is supposedly lying about the most crucial issues of national defense under oath. If anything warrants an indictment for perjury, it is that.

So if they don't indict Clarke, either (1) they are lying and Clarke is telling the truth, or (2) they don't really take this national security rhetoric very seriously.

So let's officially start Indictment Watch, Day One. As long as Clarke is unindicted, that means he's telling the truth, even according to the Bush Justice Department.

Posted by Nathan at March 27, 2004 12:38 PM