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March 26, 2004

No Bush Financial Advantage?

I've never been impressed by fears of Bush's fundraising advantage, since I assumed that grassroots energy and volunteers, combined with 527 money, would at least keep us in the game.

But some financial counts indicate that Kerry and allies may be able to match Bush on the dollar-to-dollar level:

One of the things that most terrifies the Republicans is the advent of Democratic-friendly 527's like ACT and The Media Fund. Bloomberg totaled the funds of the candidates, their national party committees, and their main 527 allies. The 527 reports are only current through the end of 2003, and the Democratic leaning 527's should haul in much more money the their Republican leaning counterparts. Nevertheless, the Democratic total of $309.8 million almost matches the Republican total of $313.6 million.
Don't relax, but any despair over being outspent by the GOP may be quite misguided.

Posted by Nathan at March 26, 2004 06:11 PM