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October 10, 2004

In the Field: Get on the Bus!

Well, I spent yesterday walking precints in Philadelphia suburbs, talking to actual undecided voters (heaven help them, they're still out there). Getting down there highlighted the coordination between all the progressive forces. I located the bus leaving for Philly on the America Coming Together website, the bus was organized by New York Citizen Action, we were driven down to a UFCW union hall, and the League of Conservation Voters organized the routes we canvassed. (Great thing about LCV is that they've endorsed Kerry, so we could actually invoke his name, rather than talk about "issues").

Our bus was completely full and, after a hickup of the bus breaking down on the highway, we got out in Montgomery County-- an uberswing county in that swing state-- where we talked to everyone from soft Republicans to try to sway them over to staunch Democrats where we identified the issues they cared about, so that phone calls would know what issues to raise when they do GOTV on election eve. And folks, especially the undecided, generally were eager to talk to an actual human being, so you can make a difference, whether you're just encouraging Dems to turnout to vote or giving that argument that will pull that person from the undecided column over to Kerry.

So this coming weekend, Get on the Bus (or in the carpool). Here is a partial link to efforts:

Get on the Bus!- Weekend of Oct 15

New York to Philly
Queens to Scranton
Nyack, NY to Scranton, PA
Ithica to Scranton
Syracuse to Scranton
Irvine, CA to Las Vegas
Santa Cruz/San Jose to Reno
Chicago to Waukesha, WI
Evanston to Waukesha, WI
Vermont to New Hampshire

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