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October 11, 2004

Brooklyn: Get on the Bus

A nice note from Americans Coming Together on Pennsylvania Outreach. They're adding a bus leaving from Brooklyn (and I bet car pools or something are leaving from most non-swing state towns in other places. If not, create your own and set up an event at www.act4victory.org):

Hi ACT New Yorkers:

After back-to-back Saturday successes in PA -- with 1,000 new voters
registered, hundreds of swing voters identified, and many new PA
volunteers recruited -- we're taking the next step: sending buses from
Brooklyn as well as Manhattan. The demand in Brooklyn is there, and
the need for more volunteers in PA couldn't be greater.

If you haven't gone to PA yet, we'd encourage you to start now. We'd
love for all our volunteers to have some Get Out the Vote experience
BEFORE Election Weekend. And the next two Saturdays will offer
everyone that chance.

Sat, 10/16, Manhattan Bus: http://acthere.com/signup.php?eventID=3814
Sat, 10/16, Brooklyn Bus: http://acthere.com/signup.php?eventID=3878

Sat, 10/23, Manhattan Bus: http://acthere.com/signup.php?eventID=3843
Sat, 10/23, Brooklyn Bus: http://acthere.com/signup.php?eventID=3879

We'll be sending out separate email regarding Election Weekend and Election Day.

If you have any doubts about the efficacy of these trips, talk with
someone who has gone recently. You'll hear that we've maintained an
obsessive focus on time efficiency, maximizing the time each volunteer
spends with voters and minimizing delays. And the results bear that

Note also: if the $25 cost of the bus causes you real financial
hardship, email us and we'll see what we can do.

To quote the soon-to-be-former-President, this is "hard work." But it
is through "hard work" that close elections are won. Don't doubt for a
second that the GOP is knocking on the same doors and walking the same
streets. This will be a battle to the finish, and, with his 40+ visits
to PA in the last four years and his expenditure of multiple millions,
George W. Bush has made it clear that he is aiming for the Keystone

Don't let that happen. Join us!

Jocelyn and Andrew
ACT New York

P.S. Congratulations again to all the volunteers over the last two
weeks. You guys did great.

Posted by Nathan at October 11, 2004 09:59 AM