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October 06, 2005

An Encouraging Story on Miers

Okay, here's a case of Miers doing something straightup progressive:

In what appear to be some of her only public statements about a constitutional issue, Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers testified in a 1990 voting rights lawsuit that the Dallas City Council had too few black and Hispanic members, and that increasing minority representation should be a goal of any change in the city's political structure...

In the same testimony, Miers, then a member of the council, said she believed that the city should divest its South African financial holdings and work to boost economic development in poor and minority areas. She also said she "wouldn't belong to the Federalist Society" or other "politically charged" groups because they "seem to color your view one way or another."

Miers' thoughts about racial diversity placed her squarely on the progressive side of the 1990 suit, which was pivotal in shifting power in Dallas politics to groups outside the traditional, mostly white establishment.

Dallas had a long history of voting rights lawsuits against "at-large" districts which diluted minority voting strengths, one case in 1978 going to the Supreme Court in 1978. So siding with those making additional challenges to incumbents over districting in the city is actually impressive.

So one big point for Miers.

Posted by Nathan at October 6, 2005 10:09 PM