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November 20, 2005

Biden: Filibuster Because of Alito's Reapportionment Views?

Biden agrees with me that Alito's reapportionment views are his most shockingly retrograde:

Biden, D-Del., said he was most troubled by Alito's comment about reapportionment under the Supreme Court when it was led by Chief Justice Earl Warren.

"The part that jeopardizes it (Alito's nomination) more is his quotes in there saying that he had strong disagreement with the Warren Court particularly on reapportionment - one man, one vote," Biden told "Fox News Sunday."

"The fact that he questioned abortion and the idea of quotas is one thing. The fact that he questioned the idea of the legitimacy of the reapportionment decisions of the Warren Court is even something well beyond that," Biden said.

Biden said the chances of a filibuster against Alito had increased because of Alito's assertions in the document.

"If he really believes that reapportionment is a questionable decision - that is, the idea of Baker v. Carr, one man, one vote - then clearly, clearly, you'll find a lot of people, including me, willing to do whatever they can to keep him off the court. ... That would include a filibuster, if need be," Biden said.

I do think this is the sleeper issue that could explode at Alito's hearings. He may do a massive repudiation of his views and pledge allegiance to "one man, one vote" but iadd in his decisions undercutting civil rights lawsuits, it will just highlight Alito's history of opposing equal rights.

Posted by Nathan at November 20, 2005 12:20 PM