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May 30, 2002

College Tuition Falls

Okay, here's counter-intuitive good news-- the cost of private college tuition at the best schools has dropped substantially for lower income families, when college grants are taken into account. An article in Slate notes that at one school, since 1988, net tuition for low income families has dropped from $7,667 to $5,907 per year (in constant dollars). This non-profit socialism should definitely be applauded, but you have to wonder how many poorer students are deterred from even reaching for good schools by the high sticker price. It adds to the sense in the US of its ad-hoc egalitarianism, from education to health care, where it's often hidden from view, unless you order one of those late night "Answer Guy" books that reveal all the free money deals out there. It just all seems simpler to have free tuition and health care, then sort out the egalitarianism on the tax side like most social democracies do.

Posted by Nathan at May 30, 2002 04:55 PM


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