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June 04, 2002

Congress Funds Colombian War

There hasn't been much comment in the press, but the supplemental spending bill just passed in the House approves moving the anti-drug money for Colombia into broader "war on terrorism" in Colombia; ie. jumping into the civil war in that country. A defeated amendment would have barred use of "counternarcotics funds provided for Colombia to be used as part of a wider campaign against terrorist groups in that country."See the Roll Call votes on the amendment, which 170 Democrats voted for to their credit. Some odd defections by Barney Frank, Patrick Kennedy, and Earl Hilliard in supporting the Colombian war funds.

Posted by Nathan at June 4, 2002 06:32 PM


Normally I don't nitpick typos, but when it's a major Latin American country, I make an exception: Colombia/Colombian, not Columbia/Columbian.

Posted by: Tresy at June 5, 2002 10:15 AM


Posted by: Nathan at June 9, 2002 09:50 PM

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