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June 14, 2002

Moving left- first Brazil, now Argentina

Even as Europe may be moving right politically, latin america is throwing off the shackles of neoliberalism. In Brazil, left candidate Lula is leading the polls and now in Argentina a tough-talking progressive woman "firebrand" is leading the Presidential polls there. And a Marxist activist, Ruben Zamora, isn't far behind in second place. Both candidates are calling on the country to defy the IMF's dictates to change domestic legislation.
...Given how lousy the IMF's political advice has been for the last decade-- see the book by former chief economist of the World Bank, Joseph Stiglitz, for how lousy-- this can only be good news for Argentina.

Posted by Nathan at June 14, 2002 03:42 PM


I've managed to save up roughly $57775 in my bank account, but I'm not sure if I should buy a house or not. Do you think the market is stable or do you think that home prices will decrease by a lot?

Posted by: Courtney Gidts at February 9, 2006 03:04 PM

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