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June 27, 2002

Bush's Piss-Poor TX Education Record

Just an education fest on the blog today (and I didn't even touch the drug testing in schools decision), but here's one more. Found a nice link about Bush's supposed great record on education in Texas which turns out to be a fraud. Studies by RAND and others at Boston College and Stanford have shown that while Texas students improved on the special Texas academic tests, they did not improve particularly or even had falling scores on natonal tests.
...The reason? These researchers suggest, not surprisingly, that with state money at stake, the teachers were "teaching to the test", targetting just what the particular Texas exam wanted while not necessarily doing anything to improve overall education among students.
...As the Bush testing plan goes national, how likely is it that these issues will get the same attention as the pledge of allegiance?

Posted by Nathan at June 27, 2002 08:38 PM


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