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July 12, 2002

War Divisions on Right

In the fall, the war in Afghanistan bitterly divided progressives between those opposing and supporting it. But as talk moves to Iraq and Bush unilateralism around the world, the Left is largely united in demanding restraint and multilateral approachs to terrorist threats.
..But on the Right, the divisions only grow between pro-war "neocons" and traditional isolationist conservatives. And the latter will now have their magazine run by Pat Buchanan and Taki, the latter of the weekly New York Press. The war on communism helped glue the Reagan coalition together; the war on terrorism may help to tear it apart.

Posted by Nathan at July 12, 2002 09:50 AM

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Yeah, but you're assuming that Buchanan and his supporters still constitute an influential bloc amongst Republicans. Given Buchanan's dismal showing in the 2000 race, do you think Republicans even care what he has to say about a possible war with Iraq? Just a thought.

Posted by: Yuval Rubinstein at July 12, 2002 10:07 PM

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