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July 16, 2002

80% of Canadians Support Health System

Against the horror stories of the pharmaceutical industry and conservatives, a new survey shows 80% of Canadians are happy with health care system. This compares with 75% of Americans who think that most people in this nation do not get the health care they need. And this lower satisfaction in the US costs us far more than other nations-- 12.9% of GDP in the US versus 9.3% of GDP in Canada. And as this study shows, the US ends up with higher infant mortality and lower life expectancy than government-run health care systems. So where does our money go? To insurance company and hospital administration due to the waste of free market medicine.

Posted by Nathan at July 16, 2002 08:04 AM

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Note that infant mortality can be a flawed statistic, as success in bringing babies to term increases the number of babies born with serious health problems.

However, the expenditure point is even stronger than nathan suggests, since Canada's per capita GDP is lower. They spend a lower proportion of less to get the same or more. And as someone who has waited several months for internal HMO shoulder and knee surgeries this year, I'm confident Canadian non-urgent waiting times (a complaint in the Freeper link nathan provided) cannot be worse.

However, to again "on the other hand," it is true that to some extent other countries "freeload" off low marginal cost US innovations in healthcare, both pharmaceuticals and procedures/equipment.

Posted by: Jeff at July 17, 2002 07:26 PM

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