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August 24, 2002

Disinformation on Abu Nidal?

This article in the UK Telegraph strikes me as disinformation from our side trying to stir up support for war on Iraq:

"Abu Nidal, the Palestinian terrorist, was murdered on the orders of Saddam Hussein after refusing to train al-Qa'eda fighters based in Iraq, The Telegraph can reveal."
The unsourced nature of the quotes and the fact that the "scoop" comes from sources in the opposition makes the whole thing suspect-- how the hell do they have such intimate information on exactly what Saddam is saying to Abu Nidal, when we can't even get information on where the man is hiding nuclear reactors supposedly?

As well, Saddam would have to be criminally stupid to (a) be recruiting Al Quaeda contacts right now, and (b) call attention to it by such a senseless murder of Nidal right now. It all just doesn't pass the smell test.

Hate to accuse our government of lying to us via the conservative press, but this has Gulf of Tonkin written all over it.

Posted by Nathan at August 24, 2002 07:35 PM

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