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September 30, 2002

Labor Monday 9-30

Roundup of labor stories, September 30

  • West coast ports have locked out longshore workers. The Bush administration, which condemned the longshore union for threatening to strike, has not criticized management for shutting down the ports. See ILWU site.
  • Janitors in Boston have begun a strike for higher wages, following the national Justice for Janitors strategy first perfected in Los Angeles. Many of the janitors make as little as $39 per day-- see SEIU site on strike.
  • Preceding IMF meetings last week, the AFL-CIO hosted a Global Workers Forum with unionists from around the world to launch a "No More Business as Usual" campaign for corporate accountability and workers rights.
  • Davis signed legislation requiring arbitration of farmworkers disputes when employers refuse to negotiate to a final contract-- a massive win for the farmworkers union
  • 6500 home health care workers in Orange County CA and 5000 part-time workers at Disney World in Orlando became unionized. See this weeks Work in Progress.
  • The COSATU labor federation of South Africa will start a two-day general strike this Tuesday to protest privatization plans by the ANC-led government.
  • In Britain, Prime Minister Tony Blair faces a rare defeat at his Labour Party conference which will call for an independent review of the privatization policies Blair has been promoting.
  • Bahrain declared labor unions legal in that oil kingdom-- another step into the 20th century for the dictatorial oil shiekdoms.

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