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October 08, 2002

Veterans for Wellstone

In Minnesota, the 1.9 million member Veterans of Foreign Wars has endorsed none other than that national peacenik, Paul Wellstone. This might seem odd, but while Bush and prominent GOPers are hot to send young men off to be maimed in war, it is Democrats like Wellstone who have emerged as champions of the needs of yesterday's veterans.

Folks like Krugman and Josh Marshall highlighted a while ago the Bushies attempt to keep veterans from finding out about available benefits. Now Bush is threatening to veto the defense bill because it has expanded benefits for disabled veterans. And it is Democrats leading the charge to pass the bill and, if necessary, override Bush's veto.

There's an old harsh joke about the GOP on abortion that they are pro-life until the child is born, after which they are on their own. Similarly, the Bush and the GOP seem to be pro-soldier when sending them off to battle, but when they come back they seem to be on their own.

No wonder peaceniks like Wellstone are getting the endorsements of veterans.

Posted by Nathan at October 8, 2002 02:00 PM

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