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October 10, 2002

Community Thursday (10-10)

Roundup of community activism, Oct. 10

  • Repression? Organize! The Arab AntiDiscrimination Committee has seen a doubling of membership in the last year. They have seen 10 million hits on their web site from people looking for alternative information on arab american rights.
  • A USA Stasi?- Civil liberties groups are protesting Attorney General John Ashcroft gutting restrictions on the FBI's spying on domestic religious and political organizations. Send a free fax to your Congressperson to oppose a domestic secret police spying on legal nonprofit groups.
  • Oppose the War: The Friends Committee on National Legislation has a page set up to help you contact Congressional reps to oppose the Iraq War.
  • Take Action Against Hate Crimes- the Japanese American Citizenship League has a site to send a message to your Congressperson to sign a discharge petition to force a vote on hate crimes legislation in the House. The legislation would add real or perceived sexual orientation, gender and disability to current federal hate crimes law. Despite having 206 House cosponsors and 51 Senate cosponsors, the House leadership won't allow a vote.
  • A Brighter Future for Immigrant Children- MALDEF is celebrating the signing of California legislation AB540 to qualify the children of undocumented immigrants for in-state tuition as state colleges and universities. See details here.
  • Qualified Praise for Voting Reform Bill- the NAACP has praised the compromise bill approved by House-Senate negotiators to upgrade voting machines, regularize voting lists, and require that voters be allowed to cast provisional ballots in cases of dispute. They criticized provisions requiring photo IDs for those registering by mail for fear of its use for voter intimidation, but said the overall bill was a step in the right direction.
  • Papers for Working Immigrants: A new coalition of over 400 groups, Reward Work!, delivered a million postcards to Capitol Hill in support of legislation to legalize working immigrants without legal status. Sign the postcard online.
  • Expanding Uninsured- Families USA notes that the Census Bureau is releasing figures showing that not only have those without health insurance expanded this year, but that they underestimated the numbers of uninsured last year.
  • ACORN has released a study documenting increased racial and income disparities in the mortgage lending market. ACORN is also urging people to call their national representatives to ask them to oppose the bankruptcy bill moving towards a final vote.
  • Support Vieques: Despite a promise by Bush that the US navy would leave Vieques, Puerto Rico by next year, there is little apparent preparation by the government to do so. Send a message to the President to move the navy out by May 2003. Join a New York City walkathon in support of Vieques on October 26

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