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October 10, 2002

The Real Population Count

An Appeals Panel has told the Census Bureau to release the adjusted census count that statistically compensates for those missed by the original count-- numbers that will show greater populations in poor and urban areas.

While the new count won't change Congressional reapportionment, it could be used by Congress in allocating federal funding or by state legislators in allocated local funding.

What could this mean for cities? One study was already done using Long Beach, California as an example. The study estimated that the city lost $56 for every uncounted person. With an undercount of 18,350 from the 1990 census, the city lost over $10 million in funding over the last decade because of the undercount.

With from 3 to 4 million people missed in the Census count nationwide, if adjusted figures are used for funding decisions, this could mean hundreds of millions ieach year n additional funding for poor and urban areas.

Posted by Nathan at October 10, 2002 01:09 AM

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