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December 08, 2002

Jackson & Anti-Bush Push Saves Landrieu

Piling up bad news for the White House is the win for Landrieu in Louisiana.

A mixed message for Dem strategy, since Landrieu was in the crop of Bush-praising Dems who had gone down to defeat last month. But for the runoff, her campaign turned around and emphasized black turnout and drawing a divide with Bush on key issues.

And for those who continue to wonder why Jesse Jackson Sr. remains relevant, check out the
story in the Washington Post which details:

"A few days after the Nov. 5 vote, Jesse L. Jackson brokered a rapprochement between Landrieu and Fields, which he said resulted in Fields endorsing his fellow Democrat and in a heavier black turnout on her behalf today.
"We had a conference call -- me, Cleo and Mary -- and we determined that our interests in stopping the Republican juggernaut . . . were substantial, that protecting . . . civil rights and workers' gains was more important than the tensions," Jackson said in an interview. "So he agreed to endorse her."
To energize blacks, the Landrieu campaign deployed church leaders, local officials and members of the Congressional Black Caucus, such as Rep. Maxine Waters, a California Democrat, to campaign through the state. Jackson and Fields also did a round of radio interviews on her behalf.
Too bad Landrieu hadn't done all this before the election; she probably would have won without the runoff.

Mobilizing the base is the most basic requirement of victory and moderate Democrats who think they can win without it are dooming themselves.

Posted by Nathan at December 8, 2002 03:23 PM

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As others have pointed out, if Landrieu had won without a runoff, her victory would have gone unnoticed and would not have been the "pie in the face" to the Bush's that it ended up being.

Posted by: Richard Cheney at December 9, 2002 04:49 PM

Mary's victory was very impressive. She only had to become a Republican to win. Thank you Mary for my tax cut!

Posted by: Grant at December 12, 2002 03:58 PM

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