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January 09, 2003

Democracy Saved in Israel

Okay, a Supreme Court decision I approve of. Not in the US, but in Israel where I was about ready to write off Israel as a de facto racist dictatorship. A few weeks ago, the state Election Committee had barred two major Arab party leaders from running for office because they objected to Israel being defined as a Jewish state, a move that de facto disenfranchised Arab citizens in the country.

Yesterday, that decision was reversed by the Israeli Supreme Court.

In other good news, based on a financial scandal involving Sharon's son, support for Likud is collapsing. Labor and centrist parties seem to be gaining, raising hopes that Israel might actually pull back from the brink of insanity.

Posted by Nathan at January 9, 2003 01:39 PM

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Whatever the totality of variables involved in the recently overturned decision to bar two Arab candidates from running for election in the upcoming Israeli election, the initial reason the case came before the election commission was due to the support one of the candidates gave to terrorist activity against Israel, which is a bar to candicacy for any Israeli election candidate; a related law was used in the past to bar the candicacy of Meir Kahane.

To suggest that the original decision to bar the two candidates in question was a de facto disenfranchisement of Arab citizens neglects two important facts - there remained a variety of other Arab candidates beyond the two whose candicacy was in question, and the right to vote is extended to all citizens of Israel. There are complexities to the Middle East situation which deserve better examination than evidenced in this post; your suggestion of Israel as a de facto racist state discredits your professionalism and fails your readers.

Posted by: eric at January 13, 2003 03:20 AM

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