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January 24, 2003

End of Tax Cut Politics II

In the details of the new New York Times Poll, here are the key questions that show why Bush has little traction with his tax cut rhetoric:

34. Overall, do you think the tax cuts enacted in 2001 have been good for the economy, bad for the economy, or don't you think they've made much difference one way or the other?
GoodBadHaven't made
1/19-22/03 21 11 65 3

35. Have those tax cuts made a significant difference in the amount of money you have after taxes, or not?

Have made
a difference
Have not DK/NA
1/19-22/03 20 76 4

By those numbers 76% of the American people feel the 2001 tax cuts have done NOTHING or made things worse, and 76% feel it's done nothing to help them financially.

If that's how they feel about the 2001 tax cuts-- which actually helped regular families in their first year of implementation far more than this round would-- no wonder Bush's plan is hitting the public with a thud.

Posted by Nathan at January 24, 2003 07:13 AM

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